How to clean your email list & Why you simply must do it…

Why clean your email list? Vanity metrics like ‘how big is your list’, ‘what is your list size’? etc. mean nothing. What matters should be ‘what is your open rate’? ‘How many clicks do you get per mailing?’ and ‘what are your conversion rates’? So here is the oxymoron – having a bigger list, can […]

23 hours ago

How To Create Automated Emails That Come From The Heart

Don’t you hate it when it feels like you’re just being funnelled through a system? When the company you’re dealing with just couldn’t give a crap? They send you through robotic switchboards; give you impersonal services and send you emails that could have been sent to just about anyone. It feels wrong, doesn’t it? Like […]

2 years ago
How and Why to segment your email list

Why You Need To Segment Your Email List

What Is Email List Segmentation? My friend, Mike, runs a music shop in the centre of town. Every day he serves hundreds of musicians from all over the world: Guitarists, Drummers, Violinists, Pianists and even the occasional Triangle player. All of these people love music. But, none of them come to the shop for the […]

2 years ago